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One of the major trends this fashion season as proven by the collections shown around the world this summer is the return of stiletto boots and high heeled shoes. Designers chose many different colours and styles to exhibit while they showed their collections for the spring and summer of 2010 at fashion weeks in the style capitals around the world. The one design trend that they unanimously homed in on without exception though was the tendency to accessorise their diverse collections with a range of stiletto boots in bold new styles and colours that have never been seen before.

Stiletto shoes never go totally out of style as for many occasions and many settings there is no alternative to them. With certain kinds of styles and outfits nothing has ever been more fitting than a classy pair of stilettos. Even so their popularity on a greater scale has risen and fallen over the past few decades as they go in and out of style like all other fashion trends that seem to keep coming back on a cyclical basis.

But this year has been a good one for the style of stiletto boots. Most designers exhibited a range of stilettos with their collections and fashion critics and fashion magazine editors seem to agree that as far as foot wear goes the venerable stiletto boot is back with a bang this season.

Shoe designers and labels have also kept up with the trend and just as clothing collections for the season are hitting the stores a wave of stilettos in new colours and finishes are also popping up in high fashion stores and boutiques around the world, ready to be paired with the latest in clothing trends and styles for the most stunning results. So go out and buy yourself a great new pair of stiletto boots to go with your latest designer clothes.