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Women who love shoes have a hot new trend that they need to be aware of that is taking the fashion capitals of the world by storm. There are the usual abundance of hot trends that have debuted this season and the new styles that are in this summer but the biggest trend that seems to be taking the fashion world by storm is the return of wedge boots.

Wedge boots sometimes called wedgies or even platform soles have gone in out of fashion repeatedly over the past few decades and they have enjoyed many periods of resurgence but 2010 seems to be the biggest resurgence they have ever had.

Fashion designers from around the world incorporated wedge boots into their collections that they showed at fashion weeks this summer and as their collections have hit the stores women have been buying wedgies like hot cakes to team with the latest styles.

Short women in particular will rejoice at the return of the thick heeled wedge shoe that can give them a precious extra few inches of height. Some people may counter this with the argument that there has always been the option of high heel shoes or stilettos for women who are shorter than average and need a little boost in the height department but the fact is that wedge boots are a lot more versatile. They can be worn in many more environments and settings that high heel shoes are not necessarily appropriate for and because they are a lot more comfortable than high heels they are a lot more practical for all day wearing purposes than stilettos.

So whether you are vertically challenged or just a woman who wants to keep up with the latest in fashion trends drag that old pair of wedge boots out of the back of your closet or even better go out and buy a pair in the latest colours that are hot this season.